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Boat activity that gets everyone connected, but NOT to their phones. Join us for a 3 hour escape that everyone will love! 2019 public cruise tickets are available now. Book Today!
Lets go spring! Do your thing :)
23”’s melting and weakening at the same time! Check out all of the honeycombing beginning. Today on Cooks Bay there is 4-6” of water on top of the ice which is also aiding the melting process. Cheers to boating ...
TBT Spring 1998. Hey, it’s not braggin if it’s true 🙂.
Al and Alma's SuperCrew Happy Crew = Happy Cruising!
We've got the best summer jobs....period.
We are hiring for 2019 positions in all departments, Join Us!
Apply Today:
Feeling lucky about your ice out guess? Join us tonight or tomorrow for our amazing slow cooked corned beef and cabbage! You never know who you’ll run into on the lake :)
Troy Schliinz Named February Winner of Westonka Way Award Nice Work Troy Schliinz! Enjoy your Brunch Cruise :)
Hilltop Primary School custodian Troy Schliinz has been named the February 2019 recipient of the Westonka Way Award. New this school year, the award celebrates non-licensed Westonka Schools staff ...

The annual Al and Alma's countdown to meltdown begins TODAY! As always, we're giving you the best view of the current ice status; today we cut a block of ice out of Cooks Bay that measured ...
Hey friends! After you shovel out your hydrants, stop in for dinner! We have hot specials and warm smiles waiting :)
The History of Chris-Craft Amazing story of an enduring legacy...Chris Craft boats.
A video summary of the last 140 years building boats.
Karen Boser Named January Winner of Westonka Way Award Way to go Karen Boser! Have fun on your brunch cruise 🙂
Well deserved!
Shirley Hills Primary School administrative assistant Karen Boser has been named the January 2019 recipient of the Westonka Way Award. New this school year, the award ...
It’s sunsets like this one that give us the motivation to embrace the winter cold. Stay warm friends! Supper Club opens for 2019 on Wednesday Feb 13th 🙂.
TBT all the way back to Y2K.
19 years ago these young leaders were the “captains” of our industry. Same is true today but across many different industries! It’s amazing where a boat ride can take you :)
31 Spins in 60 Seconds | Stacia Bank Sets a New Guinness World Record Monday Motivation! Just one of the cool sights you’ll see on an Al and Alma’s cruise; pro wake surfer Stacia Bank practicing on Lafayette Bay. Congrats on your world record Stacia! We’re dizzy just watching.
Professional wakesurfer Stacia Bank set ...
Broomball! Invented in Canada, refined in Minnesota, loved by the Lake Minnetonka community as a favorite way to bide the time to open water. We might be a bit biased, but that’s a good looking team of winners!
Why Aren't Millennials Buying Boats - BoatUS Magazine Interesting read!
We believe boat rides transcend age 🙂...magical for ages 1 to 101
Millennials participate in boating at similar rates to their parents, yet they're far less likely to actually own a boat. Why …
Join us this weekend to enjoy your favorites before they take a winter break until Valentines Day! The Supper Club will open at 5pm nightly with amazing specials and your favs through Sunday 1/6. Join Us!
Westonka Public Schools Just awesome.
What a great community we are part of and what a wonderful way to start the year!
Due to the community's generous support in 2018 of the Westonka Foodies Angel Fund, the district was able to wipe out ...
All is calm....All is bright
May your celebrations be filled with joy and memories for years to come!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Al and Alma’s

We will be closed to celebrate with our ...
Tonight’s Chef feature; Marinated pork loin over sweet potato purée, pork demi glaze. Amazing.’s Saturday, slow roasted prime rib tonight too!
Photos from Al & Alma's Supper Club & Charter Cruises on Lake Minnetonka's post Get in your AWD sleigh and get your Christmas on with us in our cozy dinning room adorned with all the trimmings of the season. Ohh...and all your Al and Alma’s favorites are here too! Join Us :)
May your sunset today be colored with family, laughter, and the richness of memories that anchor your heart to thankfulness. Our sincerest gratitude extends to all of you friends; Happy Thanksgiving!

The Supper Club will be closed today and reopen ...
Westonka Walleye Program It’s Give To The Max Day today! Here’s an organization that we love to support. Love fishing? Love Lake Minnetonka? Then show some love to the Westonka Walleye Program
Here is the Kare 11 video. Please share with your friends.
Lakeshore Weekly News Go Lenny The Loon! So much fun to watch and hear about the community embracing this fun book. We couldn’t be more proud of our own Mikaela Rae Casey for embracing her dream.
Mound native Mikaela Casey's first book is ...
Time to get in your last boat ride for the season! Warm up in the Supper Club, Soup’s on, homemade apple crisp and all your favorite entrees await.
Photos from Al & Alma's Supper Club & Charter Cruises on Lake Minnetonka's post Perfect cruising weather! Snow outside: smiles inside 🙂. And yes, we’re playing Christmas music....Sunday Signature Brunch Cruise.
Lake Minnetonka Conservation District Darker Times Ahead. The solar lights are being removed from the channel buoys for winter storage and maintenance so make sure you are prepared for darker times. The navigation and hazard buoys will be removed starting October 15th by Hennepin ...
The heavens send off the summer of 2018 with a magnificent tribute! Welcome Autumn :)
Sailing into forever....Congrats Megan and Dan!

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